Skip Hire Prices*Please note: Prices exclude vat and vary upon delivery location. The quoted prices are based on our cheapest skip hire prices across the UK.

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As we know every skip hire company has their own pricing regime, but with it being a very competitive market you should be able to negotiate a discount of their price lists, but if you don’t ask for it you won’t get it !!

They don’t all necessarily publish their rates, this making it harder for you to choose which skip Hire Company to use.

When requesting a skip hire quote make sure you are getting the full rate for all the services you want ie: what size skip, how long for , what size and most importantly if you have any hazardous waste what is the extra cost for a permit.

Where you live will have an impact on the charge for your skip hire, as your postcode will be a factor in the price you will get. If you are not far away from the depot the cheaper the price, but if you live a greater distance from the depot your quote will be higher. We cater for all skip hire locations throughout the UK.

The size of skip you want to hire will reflect the cost also, as the bigger the skip more was to be disposed of, this equates to more waste – the higher the costs.

The type of waste that you want to dispose of will also have an effect on the costing, if you want to get rid of tv’s ,fridges/freezers or computers or any hazardous waste etc you will have to pay more as it is more expensive to dispose of this type of waste.

It is a legal requirement to have a permit when skips are placed on the public highway. The charge for these permits will vary from one local authority to another.

There is one thing that will add extra cost to your bill and you cannot avoid this one – it is the dreaded VAT at 20%

Get a great price for your skip hire from the team you can trust.

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